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Mar 11, 2022
Choosing the Perfect Granite Slab


Welcome to IGS Countertops, a division of Bass Construction Company, specializing in high-quality granite countertops for the heavy industry and engineering construction and maintenance sector. In this article, we will explore the magnificent beauty and outstanding resilience of Verde Marinace Granite, a unique natural stone with unparalleled aesthetics.

About Verde Marinace Granite

Verde Marinace Granite, also known as Marinace Green Granite, is an exquisite natural stone quarried from the depths of Brazil. Its mesmerizing appearance resembles a work of art, showcasing a captivating blend of various sized and shaped mineral stones, predominantly in shades of green, gray, and black.

Each slab of Verde Marinace Granite tells a story that has been millions of years in the making. This incredible stone is formed through the continual deposition of riverbed sediments, with each sediment layer contributing to the unique patterns and colors that adorn the surface.


Verde Marinace Granite has gained immense popularity in the heavy industry and engineering construction and maintenance sector due to its exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal. Its stunning appearance, reminiscent of riverbed pebbles, makes it a perfect choice for various applications, such as:

1. Kitchen Countertops

Create a bold statement in your kitchen by incorporating Verde Marinace Granite countertops. They not only offer a striking visual appeal but also withstand daily wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for busy cooking spaces.

2. Bathroom Vanities

Elevate the elegance of your bathroom with Verde Marinace Granite vanities. The unique patterns and colors of this granite add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bathroom design, making it a focal point of admiration.

3. Fireplace Surrounds

Add a touch of natural beauty to your living space with Verde Marinace Granite fireplace surrounds. The colorful and intricate river-like patterns of this granite create a stunning visual display that complements any interior style.


Verde Marinace Granite offers numerous benefits that make it a preferred choice for heavy industry and engineering construction and maintenance projects:

1. Unmatched Durability

Verde Marinace Granite is renowned for its exceptional hardness and durability. Its resistance to scratches, heat, and stains ensures that your countertops or other installations maintain their beauty even after years of use.

2. Unique Aesthetics

The extraordinary blend of green, gray, and black mineral stones in Verde Marinace Granite creates an unrivaled visual impact. Each slab tells a distinct story, making it a conversation starter and an artistic addition to any space.

3. Easy Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, Verde Marinace Granite countertops can remain vibrant and beautiful for a lifetime. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep them looking their best.

4. Versatility

Verde Marinace Granite's unique appearance allows it to blend seamlessly with various design styles, ranging from modern to traditional, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of construction and maintenance projects.


Verde Marinace Granite offered by IGS Countertops, a division of Bass Construction Company, is a magnificent choice for heavy industry and engineering construction and maintenance projects. Its exceptional durability, stunning aesthetics, and versatility make it a valuable addition to any space. Discover the beauty of this natural stone and elevate your project to new heights with Verde Marinace Granite.