Daltile Exquisite Ivory Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile EQ10-6836

Aug 5, 2023

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Introducing the Daltile Exquisite Ivory Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile EQ10-6836

At Bass Construction Company, we offer a wide range of top-quality construction materials, including the exquisite Daltile Ivory Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile EQ10-6836. This stunning ceramic tile is perfect for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of any interior space.

Designed with meticulous precision and crafted using the finest ceramic materials, the Daltile Exquisite Ivory Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile EQ10-6836 is a testament to superior craftsmanship. Its timeless design and subtle color palette make it a versatile choice for various design themes, adding an elegant touch to any room.

Key Features

Let's explore some of the key features and benefits of the Daltile Exquisite Ivory Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile EQ10-6836:

  • Durability: Built to last, this ceramic wall tile resists wear, stains, and scratches, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance.
  • Easy Maintenance: With its smooth and easy-to-clean surface, maintaining the tile's pristine condition is effortless.
  • Color Consistency: Each tile undergoes careful color calibration, guaranteeing consistency and uniformity across your entire installation.
  • Versatile Design: The ivory glaze and subtle texture of this tile seamlessly complement a range of design styles, from modern to traditional.
  • Size and Shape: The EQ10-6836 tile measures 10 inches by 13 inches, making it an optimal choice for various installation patterns.


The Daltile Exquisite Ivory Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile EQ10-6836 offers limitless possibilities for creative design solutions. Here are some popular applications:

  1. Kitchens: Transform your kitchen backsplash or accent walls with the elegance of this ceramic wall tile.
  2. Bathrooms: Create a tranquil oasis by incorporating this tile in your bathroom shower or vanity area.
  3. Living Areas: Enhance the focal point of your living room or fireplace with the beauty of this exquisite ceramic tile.
  4. Commercial Spaces: Elevate the style of your retail or office space with the versatile design of the EQ10-6836 wall tile.

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