Coral White LG Viatera Quartz | Countertops, Cost, Reviews

Feb 19, 2019
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Welcome to Bass Construction Company, your go-to source for all your heavy industry and engineering construction and maintenance needs. In this article, we will delve into the world of Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops, exploring their exceptional features, cost, reviews, and installation process. If you're considering a countertop upgrade, you've come to the right place.

About Coral White LG Viatera Quartz

Coral White LG Viatera Quartz is a stunning and versatile choice for countertops. Manufactured using cutting-edge technology, this high-quality quartz surface offers the perfect combination of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. It brings elegance and sophistication to any space while providing remarkable strength and resistance to daily wear and tear.

Benefits of Coral White LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

Choosing Coral White LG Viatera Quartz for your countertops comes with an array of advantages:

  • Unmatched Durability: LG Viatera Quartz is engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday use. It is highly scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and resistant to stains and impact.
  • Wide Range of Colors and Styles: Coral White is just one of the many exquisite color options available. LG Viatera Quartz offers a diverse selection of colors and styles to suit any design aesthetic.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike natural stone countertops, Coral White LG Viatera Quartz requires minimal maintenance. It doesn't need sealing, and a simple wipe with mild soap and water is enough to keep it looking pristine.
  • Hygienic and Safe: Quartz countertops are non-porous, making them resistant to bacteria and mold growth. They are also safe for food preparation, as they do not harbor harmful substances or emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Long-Lasting Investment: Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops are built to withstand the test of time. With proper care, they can last for decades, making them a valuable investment for your home.

Cost of Coral White LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

The cost of Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops will depend on various factors, including the size of the area, complexity of installation, and your location. It is always advisable to get a personalized quote from a reliable contractor like Bass Construction Company. Our team of experts can provide an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements. Rest assured, investing in Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops will add long-term value to your home.

Reviews of Coral White LG Viatera Quartz

Choosing the right countertop material is an important decision. Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers who have installed Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops:

"We are extremely happy with our decision to go with Coral White LG Viatera Quartz for our kitchen countertops. The color is beautiful, and the durability is unmatched. It has held up well against spills, heat, and scratches. Highly recommended!" - John and Sarah, Happy Homeowners

"As a professional chef, I need a countertop that can handle heavy-duty cooking. Coral White LG Viatera Quartz has exceeded my expectations. It is not only heat resistant but also easy to clean and maintain. Worth every penny!" - Chef Michael, Culinary Expert

Installation Process

The installation of Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops should always be performed by experienced professionals. At Bass Construction Company, our skilled technicians have the expertise to complete the installation seamlessly. Here's a glimpse of the installation process:

  1. Measurements and Template Creation: Our team will visit your home to take accurate measurements of the countertop area. This ensures a precise fit.
  2. Fabrication: The template is used to cut the Coral White LG Viatera Quartz slab to the desired size and shape, including cutouts for sinks and cooktops if necessary.
  3. Preparation and Cleanup: The installation area is prepared, ensuring a clean surface for the new countertop. Any old countertop material is removed, and the space is thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Installation: The carefully fabricated Coral White LG Viatera Quartz slab is positioned and secured onto the cabinetry using specialized adhesives. Our team ensures a perfect fit and handles any necessary adjustments.
  5. Sealing and Finishing: Once the countertop is in place, it is sealed to enhance its stain resistance and bring out its natural beauty. Any final adjustments and cleanup are done to leave your space pristine.


If you're seeking a countertop that excels in aesthetics, durability, and functionality, Coral White LG Viatera Quartz is the ideal choice. Bass Construction Company is here to provide you with top-notch construction services, including the installation of these exceptional countertops. Reach out to us today for a personalized quote and let us enhance the beauty and functionality of your space with Coral White LG Viatera Quartz countertops.