Colton Cambria Quartz | Countertops, Cost, Reviews

Jan 6, 2023
Kitchen Countertop Ideas


Welcome to Bass Construction Company, your trusted partner in the heavy industry and engineering field for construction and maintenance projects. In this article, we will explore the beauty, cost, and reviews of Colton Cambria Quartz countertops. Whether you're planning a residential or commercial project, Colton Cambria Quartz offers a perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

Why Choose Colton Cambria Quartz?

Colton Cambria Quartz is an exceptional choice for your countertops due to its remarkable qualities. Here are some reasons why:

1. Unparalleled Durability

Colton Cambria Quartz is manufactured using engineered stone technology, resulting in a highly durable material. It can withstand daily wear and tear, resist scratches, and endure high heat without being damaged. This longevity ensures that your countertops remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

2. Stunning Aesthetics

With Colton Cambria Quartz, you can elevate the visual appeal of any space. Its luxurious and captivating designs range from classic to contemporary, providing versatile options to suit your unique style preferences. From sleek monochromatic patterns to bold veining, Colton Cambria Quartz offers a wide variety of visually striking choices.

3. Easy Maintenance

Keeping your countertops clean and pristine is effortless with Colton Cambria Quartz. Its non-porous surface naturally repels stains and prevents the growth of bacteria, making it hygienic and easy to maintain. A simple wipe with a mild cleanser and water is all it takes to maintain its shine and luster.

Colton Cambria Quartz Cost

When it comes to the cost of Colton Cambria Quartz, it is essential to consider both the material price and installation expenses. The price per square foot may vary depending on factors such as location, complexity of the project, and any additional customization options. To get an accurate cost estimate, we highly recommend reaching out to our expert team at Bass Construction Company. We will assess your specific requirements and provide you with a detailed quotation tailored to your project needs.

Customer Reviews

Hearing from satisfied customers can offer valuable insights into the quality and performance of Colton Cambria Quartz. Here are some reviews from our esteemed clients:

Review 1: Jane D.

"I recently had Colton Cambria Quartz installed in my kitchen, and it has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it look stunning, but it's also incredibly durable. I appreciate how easy it is to clean and maintain. Highly recommended!"

Review 2: Mark S.

"After researching different countertop options, I chose Colton Cambria Quartz for its unbeatable combination of beauty and durability. The investment was worth it, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It has transformed my kitchen into a true centerpiece of my home."


In conclusion, Colton Cambria Quartz offers an exceptional choice for your countertops. Its durability, stunning aesthetics, easy maintenance, and positive customer reviews make it a top contender in the market. Whether you're embarking on a residential or commercial project, Bass Construction Company is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and let our expert team guide you towards a successful construction or renovation journey.